Hi, new install of Netware 6.5 and iPrint on a two-node cluster.
was ok until we decided we didn't like the name of our Print Manager.Deleting the old one was ok, but trying to make a new one now results
in the
following error in iManager:

Error: Create Print Manager Failure
com.novell.service.jncp.NDSException: ccode = -321 (0xffffffebf)

Searching on those error codes I find "ERR_UNABLE_TO_ATTACH": Could
connect to the specified server". I can't make any sense of this
since I
have connections and drive mappings to all servers involved.

On the Logger screen, we the following.

UpdateClient(): client wait expired
Jan 15, 2004 3:32:30 PM org.apache.jk.common.ChannelSocket
INFO: Server has been restarted or reset this connection

Have tried restarting Tomcat and restarting the server we are runningiManager from. Any suggestions welcome since we are now stuck :)

Phillip E. Thomas