Hi all,

I've just been charged with upgrading our printing environment. The
original thought called for building a print server, NW6, and moving
iPrint. Currently our "print queues" run on one of our NW6 servers,
were just pulled over from the NW411 server in the upgrade.

The one thing i like about iPrint is the website it can be build,
click a
link, the drivers are installed and off the user goes on the new
However I was just speaking to someone who suggested just printing
to the IP address and taking Netware out of it.

All the printers are on one lan, no wan connections, no one will print
anywhere but in the office. All the printers are HP with JetDirect
All the users are running XP. If the printers are setup on the users
just pointing to the IP address it seems to work pretty good.

I guess I'm wondering what the major benefit is to using Netware to
Our main use for Netware has always been file and print services, and
if I
remove the printing services, it's just one more reason for my company
move from Novell to MS...