I'm having a very weird and mostly consistent problem in my iPrint

The time it takes to switch between printers is up to 40 seconds,
during which the application freezes. The symptom is worst if
switching to a HP DeskJet printer. Switch to a HP LaserJet driver
takes shorter, but still could take up to 10 seconds.

Done some traces via sniffer - and i see that the iPrint is trying to
resolve the printer name via all sorts of different ways: DNS, WINS -
and only after some kind of timeout expires will it switch.

The stations affected are the ones with NW Client 32 on them
(Win9x/NT/2000/XP). If i remove the Novell client from the station, it
works fast.

The only thing even remotely related to this issue i found said to try
and change the short name, recreate the printers on the server & use
the new NIPP 2.02 (that is in the NW6sp4 - just out of beta).

Has anyone else seen anything like this slowness?

p.s replacing the DNS server (that had problems) to a new fresh
installed on (Win2K based) solved a browsing issue with the drives and
servers, but did nothing to solve the iPrint problem.