Hi together,

I have a major problem:

In my environment are a IBM Proprinter III XL. When the driver is delivered
by NDPS, I can set my Papersize and anything else. And the settings will be
still available after closing and reopening Printer Properties.
Now I want to migrate to IPP on my Terminal Server. I decide to use the
IPRNTCMD HTTP://.....:631/ipp/Printer /add /default

for this printer. The printer will be created, but when I change my
papersettings of the printer and close / reopen the properties the
papersize is default again and not my changes....

any idea about it?

The curious thing is, when I install the printer by Add Printer IPP
Printer, I can change the settings and will the settings will be save.

I use NW 6 SP 3;actual NDPS

kind regards