hi, i installed iprint/ndps on a retail netware 6.5 server. i had to use
the products cd from the 6.5 eval download. i didnt restart the server.
the install completed ok.
in nwadmin i created the broker and loaded it on the server ok. i then
created the manager and also loaded it ok. but when i looked at the
status of the manager in nwadmin it was blank. the status of the broker
was active as expected.
i created a test printer. i had to use an incompatible print server box
so communication was not achieved with the printer but the object created
sucessfully. i then clicked the printer agent list tab in the manager and
got errors 490 and 655. (i think from memory) nwadmin then crashed,
although it was on a win98 pc.
i also tried adding drivers to the broker but when i selected the .inf
file, no resources where listed and the ok button was still greyed. i
have repeated the procedure on a test server with the same driver files
and was able to add the driver resources ok. so there is no problem with
the files.

i will be replacing the print server box with a jetdirect box and using
the hp gateway.

do i just need to give the server a restart? or is there something wrong
with the iprint install? or is there a more serious nds problem?

any suggestions appreciated.