I have a recent version of Novell Client installed on my laptop so that I
can log onto the local university computer services on campus. Logging
onto Novell is something that I have to do at all times --even when using
my laptop at home without connected to any tree, just Windows.

I have found that a common webpage used for downloading various media
gives me the message that I am "not authorized to view this page" whenever
I have used it. I have found that others who use my internet connection
at home on their own computers without Novell are able to get to the
webpage without any problems.

I have gone into my internet security settings and set them at very low
levels, although this has not stopped the "not authorized" message from
coming up.

It seems the only other factor as to why I cannot go onto the webpage I
wish to has to do with Novell being on my PC. Is there any type of
direction or suggestions as to what I could do?

Any assistance is appreciated!