We are working on an implementation of iPrint on a 2-node Netware 6.5
cluster (no sp1a yet). As more printers were added to the setup, we began
to get a variety of PFPE abends, mostly in NDPSGW and BSDSOCK.NLM. Of our
150 defined printers, about 10 come up with "LPR Communication Failed" in
the Printer Agent List. If these printers are shut down, the abends seem to
stop (so far).

So, two questions. What exactly does "LPR communication failed" mean? I
have not found anything in the knowledgebase. The printers do not have
anything in common that we can see (different makes, models, firmware, etc).
We have some printers that are identical, and one will have the error and
one does not.

The other question is, are there any good fixes in SP1a for netware 6.5 for
NDPS/iPrint? I read through the documentation for the patch but the NDPS
section in known issues was small.

Phillip E. Thomas