Hello everyone,

It appears there has been a rash of people that are not able to print
items from Calendar and Outlook when they have a policy based iPrint printer
attached to their computers. As far as the error goes, when they print, it
either errors or the programs stop responding and they are prompted to send
the error code to Microsoft. This is how I got around this but was
wondering if there is a fix so I could continue using ZENworks policy based
iPrinting. When I remove the iPrint printer, and remove them from the ZEN
works policy, then install the iPrint manually, the problem goes away. They
are once again able to print. The weird thing is, it appears the majority
of the time these errors occur are while using Windows XP. My server is
running Netware 6 SP3, Zenworks 4.01 SP1b (dated 9/17/03.) Any help with
this issue woudl be well appreciated.

Thank you
Alex Anderson