recently set up iprint on a nw6.5 server with 3 win98 clients. a legacy
dos app (Commit) requires printing to LPT ports 2 and 3. i have set up 2
queues and set the 2 printer objects to service jobs from the queues. the
queues are captured via the Novell N taskbar utility. (not my preference)
the printers are a Laserjet 1100 and an Epson FX 1170 connected to a
jetdirect 500x ethernet print box. all devices are directly connected to
a small hub (make unknown) the server is a recent low end dell model.

test printing to lpt ports in dos using dir >lpt x is fine for both
printers. and also running reports, invoices and delivery dockets from
Commit works ok. these are sent to the epson.

the problem is when a large report or several delivery dockets are sent
to the epson. printing fails after about 3 quarters of the document is
printed. eg stops on the 6th page out of 9 or 10. when the test is
repeated it stops at the same point. i am told this is the same for the

it is only these long dos print jobs that are causing the problem.

when i had the captures in a login script i would occasionally get an
error saying the queue could not be found when trying to capture to it.
(sorry cant remember the exact error) i could not resolve this
intermitant error so we ended up capturing via the novell taskbar utility.

i dont know the history of the server except that it was put in around 4
months ago. before i set up ndps they had rprinter loaded with one
printer hanging off the server and the other was a windows shared printer
on one of the pcs. ipx was bound on the server which i removed.

the pcs could all do with a rebuild of 98 as there is a lot of junk on

any ideas about why long dos print jobs are failing ??