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Thread: Pushed Iprint client out but it doesn't work.

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    Patrick Farrell NNTP User

    Pushed Iprint client out but it doesn't work.

    I've got an odd situation. I zenned out (via response file) the iprint
    client to everyone. A good portion of the machines, when you go to map
    to install a printer will say the client is not installed and do you
    want to download it. If you look in add/remove programs it is listed there.

    Downloading it and installing it again fixes the issue. (It's the same
    version I pushed out).

    It's not a big deal I can tell users to go ahead install and reboot,
    however I'm more concerned from the perspective of pushing out updated

    Anyone seen this? (So far I've only seen it on 2000 and XP but I
    haven't checked 98 clients yet)


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    Re: Pushed Iprint client out but it doesn't work.


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