I have a NW6.5 server running NDPS and iPrint printers. I was updating an
additional document diretory in Apache and the restart of Apache hung. I
had to hard boot the server because the console was stuck. When the server
came back up, 3 of the printers took about 20 minutes to reconnect.

They all connected but now I get the following console message every 15
minutes. "Attempted to Save Printer State Reason in a buffer object.
Printer agent: <agent name>".

The printer agent uses the Canon gateway. The 15 minute interval seems to
be coming from the gateway polling interval.

A TID (10089128) said that the message should only come up once because
NDPSM will remove the printer state attribute. Apparently that's not
happening. I don't see any stuck jobs. The printer prints and users don't
seem to have any issues but my console screen is full of these messages.

Anyone seen this issue?