We have the following situation:
Ten users are sharing one printer. We have 6 different types of paper
(grey, white, with logo, without logo, etc.). The printer has too few paper
trays for all paper types.
In order to ensure that a print job of a user does not start with the wrong
paper we use the following approach:
The printer is connected to a (simple and old) PC running Windows 95 via
LPT and printer cable. This PC has no other function than to serve the
printer. The PC is connected to the server (PSERVER)via LAN cable like
every other workstation. On this PC NPTWIN95 is running.
Start sequence fort the PC is something like:

NPTWIN95 ".CN=Kyocera FS1700.OU=XX.O=XXXX"

When a user wants to print, he is starting the print job at his
workstation. Then he must go to the PC at the printer, put the right paper
into the tray and type his personal user number into the PCONSOLE screen.
Then the print job starts.
This works quite good.
Now we are changing from NetWare 4.11 to 6.5.
1. We are not sure whether it will be possible to use the same approach
when we finished the migration to NW6.5.
2. With some print jobs the pserver abends (reproducible situation, but we
have no idea what is the reason)

Is there another similar solution for NW 6.5 ? (It is crucial that the user
is forced to go to the printer and starts the print job after put in the
right paper into the tray).

(I have phoned with Novell Germany and asked them how they handle this
situation in their office. They told me that in their office
- the user goes to the printer and put the right paper into the tray
- then he goes back to the desk and start the print job
If another user has started another print job in the meantime… that’s bad

Any idea ?
Thank you