The installation of the iprint client V3.05 on W98SE always abends with
a page fault in Setupipp.exe (0167:4078db).
Regardless if it is a new installation or an update (from V1.10).
Ipperrs.txt shows the following:
27.04.04 - 08:40:24
Module: setupipp.exe
Trace Info: comstuff.cpp, line 118, thread FFE4C4CB
Routine: CreateShortCut - CreateDirectory failed 3
Error: Der angegebene Pfad wurde nicht gefunden.
(Path not found)

Because some files were already copied an old V1.10 installation is no
longer functional after this error and restart.
C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\nipp95.dll=C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\nip p95.ipt
C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\nipplib.dll=C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\ni pplib.ipt
C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\nipped.dll=C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\nip ped.ipt

This happened on all tested W98SE systems so far.
No problem at all until now for V3.05 (new or update) on W2K or W_XP.

Any ideas?

Helmut Reihs