Hi all,

I have two servers (one lightly newer installation wise) which I use as
print servers only. Both SP3.

My problem is this:

On the older box (edir02) we have NDPS/iPrint printers running. iPrint maps
and traditional NDPS.
The newer box (edir03)has NDPS/iPrint printers running. However I've been
trying to setup an iPrint Map which I've done and added a few printers.
First, problem was that I needed to create a smaller DNS name and reload
NDPSM with the \DNSNAME which I did. This caused my to have to recreate the
printers on the new map.

Now when I load the print map and click on the icon to install the printer
all I see is a quick flash of html stuff at the bottom of iexplorer and
thats it, no errors nothing.

If I create the same printer icon on the older server and load up a new map
click on the icon, I get prompted to install the printer.

I can't see the connection here?

Each server has it's own broker and print manager.
NLM Levels:
EDIR02: iPrint working!
NDPSM.NLM 3.01.1 May 23 2003
NDPSGW.NLM 3.00.06 Feb 21 2003
IPPSRVR.NLM 3.00.02 Feb 26 2003

EDIR03: iPrint fails.
NDPSM.NLM 3.01.1 Feb 18 2003
NDPSGW.NLM 3.00.06 Feb 21 2003
IPPSRVR.NLM 3.00.03 Feb 24 2003

What is a bit weird are dates and version reported. Are there anyother NLMs
to check?

Regards, Paul.