HI All

I have a porblem with applications particularly with office documents
hanging for about 20 seconds becuase it is trying to verify the default
printer. Especially trying to bring up the print dialog box or print
preview. Looks like it's trying to do some kind of printer availablitiy
test and name resolution of the default printer.

This only happens when I set up my iprint printer to use the ipp protocol.
Therefore printers are ipp://servername/printername
If I set up my printers using http://servername/printername then I don't
have a problem.

I looked up all the TIDs and I can't find anything. I am so close to
solving this but I'm just hit a brick wall.

Using iprint client 3.05.
Netware 6.0 sp3
Windows pro SP4

Has anybody come across this problem or have a solution for this


This will stop me from pulling my hair...