If I have iPrint running on a server and want to completely remove it and
NDPS, how do I go about it?

I have two servers, one on a test tree and one in production. The
production server used to be running iPrint/NDPS to service old queues, and
it is also a server with a lot of user home directories that will remain. I
don't want to have to rebuild the server from scratch without NDPS and then
restore the data.

I'm looking to have as much of NDPS removed as possible. Here is what I was
thinking I should do:
1. in NWCONFIG remove NDPS
2. remove the broker and manager from that server, and remove the load
statements in autoexec.ncf
3. restart.
4. remove all the printer objects, queues, printers and print servers from
the tree

That would take care of it on the production server.

The test server I wanted to go another step and remove all the print drivers
and resource management database. The reason is I will reinstall NDPS on
it, but I'd like to do it from as scratch as possible WITHOUT having to set
the server up from scratch. I'm just tinkering a bit, but I don't want to
waste time resetting up the whole server...hope that makes sense.

Am I going about this the right way?