is there anybody who can help me with the following problem?
We have a Linux Server (Suse Enterprise 8.2) on wich we build a new printer
(PDF-Printer with Ghostscript etc).
This printer should be used over IPP and not over SAMBA.

Our Windows NT and Windows XP-Client must be able to use these ipp-printer,
but i dont know how i have to install the correct driver on the windows

Is there a possibility to add a normal printer (over NDPS) which has the
IP-Adress from the linux-based printer?

I know that there are a few requirements like NIPP-Client on each PC
(Novell Internet Print Protocoll or iPrint) and NetWare Client >= 4.83SP2

I hope that you can understand what i mean and i hope that you can help me

Have a nice evening