At the moment our printers are using NDPS, but we use a print
queue to service a ndps printer agent.
We need to do this because we need the users to use the print driver they
have setup on their PCs and use a capture in the login script depending
on what group they are in.

We will be moving our users to a Netware 6.5 Clustered SAN.

What type of printing would be best based on above, ie we
need to use capture statements via a group in the login script.
Can we use a clustered print volume and use ndps or iprint.
Is iprint separate from ndps, ie can we use iprint to capture
queues setup in a login script.
I am concerned that if we use clustered printing and ndps
abends the cluster server , we would have to reboot the server
and would this not cause problems.
Should the printing be on a independent server away from the cluster.