Greetings all--

Novell 6.51a, running NDPS, GroupWise 5.5e5, WebAccess. I recently
switched our Printer Agents from the Novell Gateway to the SM (Software
Metrics) gateway in order to get some statistics about print usage
(using 3rd party software). Now, on the NDPS Broker screen, I see a lot
of messages that say "Lost connection ro SRS" followed by "Reconnected
to SRS" with the same time stamp. This evening, the server had an
"abnormal program termination" with a spinlock on "SRS Client." I
wasn't here but it apparently abended.

My limited understanding is that SRS is only used for public access
printers, and we only had one of those which I have now deleted. Should
I disable the SRS in the Broker, or would that be a bad idea? Has
anyone else seen the same messages, and if so, what is the solution?

Just tonight I upgraded the winsock to 6D, and I don't see any more
messages, but still...that could be because it's midnight and no one's
printing now.

Thanks in advance for any and all advice.
Brian Simpson
The Grove Park Inn