I get the following error whenever I try to click on a printer to install
it, or see the properties of it. I can not find any hits on the web related
to this or on the forums or the knowlegebase. Please help

Novell IPrint

Error Message : HHTP 302 - Moved temporarily.

Error Group : HTTP
Error Code : 302

That is it

NW 6.5 SP1. Using Novell, HP, Canon and Lanier Gateways. Have applied
latest IPrint Consolodated SP 10 from beta site.

This happens whenever I am trying to add a printer. See the printer
information from the default printer screen. I have checked to make sure
that the DNS names resolves correctly from the server and the client and it

http://pnvmigr4/ipp is the location for the web page that I am using.

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