There is another post on 3/23 with the same issue....

Here it is

installed a new NW 6 sp 3 server. Everything works fine in iprint except
port 443. When ippsrvr loads it get an error IppSrvr:Failed to open port
443. When trying to add printer drivers in Imanage I get the following
error. Winsock 10061 - The remote party has refused your connection. So
far my research points to a problem with port 443 not being open but I
have been unable to find a fix. I have no other apps using port 443 that
I can find. Anyone have any ideas.
I am not sure what is going on here. I have moved the port apache listens
443 to 444 restarted and it didn't make a difference. We but a dely in
httpstk to start after 10 seconds by putting a ? in front of httpstk and
portal. rebooted and still can't do it. Apache is listening on 443 with no
errors as far as I can see. Imanager shows 443 as good. We are stumped

There are also some other related posts with 443 in the subject line. They
are not helping either.

We are not getting the failed to open port however, we just get the winsock

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