HI All,

running nw6.5, NDPS 4.0.0, Nds 87.1.0

Right if i want to add printer drivers to the broker, thru imanager i get
this error "NDPS Library Error Category: 1060004h Other Error: FFFFFC50h"
i found soemthing on KB on this issue but thjey only mentioned nw6.0 with
sp's their nothing on nw6.5 so I ussume this will be a version with all
those fixes in?

via nwadmin it goes thru gives me no error but the driver is not their!!!

are their any plans of shaping up NDPS, i mean i must do some stuff in
imanager only and other in nwadmin (like jetdirects) only? what up with that?


Thys de Beer