I'm planning for a future event, offsite where we will have some of our
users with windows xp laptops that are locked down, the accounts are
limited. The temp network that is setup will not have a Novell server at
it, and I need my users to be able to print and install printers, but I
don't want them to be admins.

What I'm thinking is I create an Iprint printer in the office, that doesn't
exist, with the ip address of the printer I will be using at the event, have
my users before they leave go to http://server:631/ipp and install that
printer. That much I know will work and the status of the printer is error.
Which is fine, the printer doesn't exist yet.

When they get to the event since the printer and driver is installed, do you
think they would be able to print THROUGH that iPrint port? Of course I will
test this and see, but I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on it...

Like I said, silly question... :-)