I'm running NW 6.5 SP 1.1 with iPrint in an IP only network. Also running
current Canon and HP gateways. iPrint client is 2.02. The server has been
running at 2% CPU and has 1GB free disk space on the Printing volume and
500 MB free memory. I have 18 printers connected by I print, of which 2
are color.

We are having some serious delays with different printers. Some basic 1
page spreadsheets take 2-3 minutes to spool on the local PC. Forget about
Adobe PDF files of 100 pages. Not all users are having the issue but there
is enough for concern. This happens on some Canon and HP printers so I
don't think theree is a specific driver problem. Once the job spools
locally, there is no delay going to the server and then to the printer.

I have set some users to print directly to the printer by IP which clears
up the issue. Has anyone else seen this issue with iPrint or have an idea
on how to troubleshoot this. Thanks much in advance.