I believe I have found a rather annoying and serious flaw in the
iPrint Client and I am pretty sure anyone can reproduce this error.

1. Configure a iPrint printer with High Security
2. Go the Configuration Tab - Job Holds and check User Hold so that
all jobs will be held.
3. Rename any document, pdf, etc. so the file name includes %20 which
is commonly found in website url's were %20 represents a space
character. Any pdf file will work nicely.
4. Print the file to the iPrint printer you just configured to hold
all jobs.
5. On any workstation open any verison of IE and go to the iPrinter
server page that contains the printer configured to hold the print
jobs. The url should be
http:iprintserver.domain.com/ippdocs/pcontrol.htm replace
iprintserver.domain.com with the appropriate name for your server.

6. For that printer click on the circled i to view the list of jobs.

7. BAM!!! You will get the following error message:

Error message: iPrint Client - Bad delimiter in response.
Error group: iPrint Client
Error code: 65524

The only way to view the Jobs list is with iManager. Note: The job
name may not necessarily show the %20 characters when viewed in

This error commonly occurs when a user tries to print something from a
web site.

For those that need it my configuration is as follows.

NW6.5 SP1 installed from the Overlay CD.
Dedicated Server just for iPrint 1GB Ram Mirrored 36GB drives. 2 NSS
Volumes: SYS and DATA
Clients are W2K, Win98 all with Novell Clients installed. Win95
without Novell Clients.
iPrint Client 3.05 on all Client machines.
Error occurs will all versions of IE we have (5.5 SP2 and 6.0 SP1) all
current IE patches applied.

This a real problem for us. I have 54 networked printers 30 of which
are configured to hold all print jobs until they are released by an
Operator or the User unfortunately, when the error occurs only the
ADMIN can see and release the print jobs and only through iManager.

Please Help!

If its not on fire its a software problem!
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