I could not upload new drivers in a clustered environment. Would could
the driver configuration error.(NW, Client 9.0.1, iPrint Client
3.X, iManager 2.X, 2 node cluster.)

So,I built a local (not clustered) broker/manager and that DID work. I
WAS able to upload new drivers.

So, to workaround this problem, I loaded all the print drivers I needed
to the test broker, downed it, moved the SYS:NDPS/resdir directory to the
clustered volume. When I brough the clustered (original) broker/manager
up, the drivers where there and I could install just fine.

There is something wrong with the clustering aspect. Specifically with
having a clustered volume. I noticed that when I would upload a driver,
it would write it to the SYS:/NPDS/Xfer directory, wether it was
clustered or not. (I checked before I clicked OK/APPLY). It's the
transfer that is messing up between SYS and clustered volume.

What could cause this problem? Could the /DBVOLUME=NOCHECK attribute be
the culprit? Could it be something with DNS? I use IP, not HOST.

I noticed in earlier threads about ROLES and the admin user. I did try
this as well. (Currently, not using RBS, but I did try it with a new
collection on the clustered broker and still same error.)