Our system admin recently installed patches on our Novell server which
pushed down a newer version of the IPrint client (v02.02.00) to each of
our XP Pro PCs. It appears to print the jobs just fine, however, it now
feeds out a blank sheet of paper between each printed page.

We use HP4s, HP4Plus's, HP5s, and some HP4000s in our labs. The only
printers it hasn't affected is the HP4000 series. All the rest have begun
feeding these blank pages out.

My questions are why, and what can I do to resolve the issue?
I am not sure what info you may need, so I will supply everything I can

IPrint Client v02.02.00
IManager v1.2.2
Novell Netware v6
Support Pack Revision 04
Novell eDirectory Version 8.6.2 SMP
NDS Version 10350.30

(Please keep in mind I am NOT a normal Novell admin. In fact, I am
actually only the MS Back-up Admin, and would normally wait until our
Novell Admin returns to work, but unfortunately, he won't be back in town
for days and our IT Director has shifted the problems to my
shoulders...*shrugs*) Anyway, I would appreciate any help with this
problem. Thanks in advance!