today we got a complete desaster with one of our ndps print servers (NW6SP3).
After a restart of the server the systems run up with a database from
april. We found the right TID (working with backup and restarting the
manager, read bellow it does not help at our situation) and removed all
errors it took us some time to clear replicas and database and so on...
We wanted to do a test when we tried to shut down the manager, at the same
time, we get the error again, that we founded deep in the logs:

Error (4) occured while saving a backup of the NDPS Manager database files.

After starting the broker an manger the system told us: Yes, all right Im
back with a database of april. We flaged all files on the directory ndps
read-and-write and fixed the missing printers. But we have users working
24h and so I have to run the system with this workaround. But can somebody
tell me something about this error. Maybe someone know a TID about this
error message.
We are now fixing since five hours and its 22:30. If someone got an idea
please post.