On a new NW6 server I just selected all the products I want installed, which
includes iPrint. The next screen is the port resolver, which has a few
services listed, in this case Apache based services, Novell iFolder, and

On this system only one IP address,, will be used, so for Apache
it automatically sets the ports to and, iFolder
the ports are set to 52080 and 52443.

The iPrint ports are set to 631 and 443. The secure printing port is the
same, by default, as the Apache secure port (443)....is this okay in this

There are no options to change the ports used by iPrint, so my only option
is to change the Apache port, but I left it as I was afraid that would cause
other issues down the road with Apache, with which I'm not to experienced.

My guess is with the default secure ports for Apache and iPrint the same at
443, I should not have any issues unless I set up one of my iPrint printers
to use SSL. Am i correct in this assumption?

But where i really get confused is on another server running iPrint and
Apache, both with secure ports set to 443, and with a few printers set to
use SSL, there is no problem at all...which might be because though Apache
is running, it's not servicing anything on that server???

Hopelessly confused.....thanks for any clarification someone could lend
me.... :-)