Good afternoon,

Well, I finally got iManager working. (only took me twelve weeks - found
out that the line 'include sys:/tomcat/4/conf/nps-Apache.conf' was
missing from the httpd.conf file - lord knows why, the install from
NW6.5 SP1 overlay cd seemed to go ok)

However, I can't manipulate my printers in my regular browser (Opera
7.50, eeven if it's impersonating IE) and IE craps out on me when I try
to upload drivers for our new printer.

I'm running iManager on an MW 6.5/sp1 server, and we have the NDPS stuff
on another server in the same tree, also 6.5/sp1. NDPSM is v 3.01.02,
and IPPSRVR is version 4.00

When I go to add the drivers, I get given a dialog box with which to
find the .INF file, which it finds and reads, giving me a dialog listing
the possible drivers. I select one, click the install button and the
file copy window appears, but does nothing. No cd access (the drivers
are coming direct from the cd) and no evidence of any files being

I left it this way for twenty minutes, and nothing had happened. No
drivers seemed to make their way to the server after I had killed IE and
rebooted the workstation, either....

Unfortunately, this is where the insistance on IE really hacks me off.
IE was shown as not responding, according to task manager. I couldn't
get to any other applications to do any other work, as it locks the
whole wretched workstation. It's not as if it's a slow machine, either -
dual athlon and 1Gb ram.

What's stopping me uploading my drivers? The servers and workstation are
all on the same switch, I'm logged in as Admin with unrestricted access
to the tree - is there a specific permission I need to grant admin, or
is it just IE being **** (I'm up to date with Windows Update as well).

Are there any alternatives that will allow me to upload drivers in a
robust manner? Web-based admin is all very well in theory, but my
experiences have been largely and unimpressively fustrating. The nice
thing about NWAdmin (And even ConslowOne) was that it generally worked,
and gave you vaguely intelligable error messages when it didn't.

If I sound annoyed, it's because this should be simple - It's a stock
install of Netware from the cd's, and I'd expect it to at least work in
a default manner out of the box. NDPS printing is otherwise fine, I just
can't manage it (and haven't been able to do so since NWAdmin got
abandoned). Maybe I'm hoping someone over in Management Tools
Development (if there is such a thing - apparently not) will pay
attention and get something out that will let me do my job. :-(

James Dore,
IT Officer,
New College
james.dore@new / it-support@new