Hello all...

We've had iPrint in our environment for a while now. Almost all of the
servers (48) running iPrint are NW6Sp3, NDPSM 3.01a or 3.01e, and BROKER
3.0.7. However, this doesn't seem to be a NDPSM version problem...

The problem is about 50% (or more) of the time when I want to unload the
Manager on a server, it will quickly shut down all the printer agents like
normal, then hang when finally closing out the Manager. The CPU0 goes to
100% (if there are other procs, they stay at 0%). At this point, the only
solution I have found is to TRY to down the server, but that usually locks
up, and my ONLY recourse is to go to DEBUG mode and down it from there.
Sometimes that doesn't even work and I need to power cycle the computer
(yeah, RIB boards!!!). I usually wait about 5 minutes before I try the
DEBUG route, but that never seems to help - I think one time I was able to
leave one of my servers alone and it did finally close down - 4 hours later!
Obviously that's too long - I just want to reload a stinkin' service once in
a while, without having to worry about bringing the server down!!!

Has anyone else had this issue? Is this common? I've talked to Novell
extensively on this with not a lot of luck. One positive note is my
regional servers with only about 5-10 printer agents, they seem to be able
to unload cleanly every time, but my big servers are the ones that give me
fits. Also, I can usually bring NDPSM down if I bring it down quickly after
it has loaded. After an hour or so, it's kind of a **** shoot - getting to
the point where I need to schedule a server down time just to reload my
Managers :(

Any help or suggestions would be helpful!

Matt Walkowiak