I have a problem. If I use iprint without ssl I can print... no problem.
But we have a product called pcounter wich does accounting. So we have
to use SSL to access the iprint printers.

First problem.
Imanager says that the SSL URL is https://company/ipps/printer but this
doesn't work. (is this a bug ?) it should be : ipp://company/ipps/printer

When I try this, I get a login promt. I fill in the user information.
After that my windows stops responding. I have to stop the spooler.

I've tried an IPP trace and the folowing message appears in the end in
the ipptrace file.

[NIPPLIB] - SSLConnect - sslcredential being initialized

LDAP works with this server. (also in SSL)

What am I missing.

System is NW6.0 sp4

Iprint client 3.05 (latest)

Windows XP prof.

Anyone a clue ?

Richard Smits