Hi there,

I'm still having trouble uploading drivers to the server for our NDPS
printers, via iManager's iPrint options.

The iPrint client is installed, and isn't giving any errors, and I can
otherwise manipulate the various objects.

However, when I go to Manage Broker -> Resource Management Service ->
Add XP drivers, I can find the .inf file for the driver, and it's read
by iManager, but after you select which driver you want to add, and
click ok, then noting appears to happen, for quite some time - as long
as you're willing to leave it....

I've tried this on two machines, with updated IE and the iPrint client
from NW6.5sp1 and get the same results.

What gives? Is it actually doing what it's supposed to do, but not
giving any feedback? (There is no cd activity though)

If it's not actually working, how can I fix it?! Or find out what's up?
Permissions? iPrint client borked/incorrectly installed/not logged in?

James Dore,
IT Officer,
New College
james.dore@new / it-support@new