The only way to get iPrint 2.02 is to download NetWare 6.5 Products SP1.1
Overlay CD??? Even though the problem with 3.05 and ZEN printer policies is
an acknowledged problem submitted to engineering and TID 10092964 tells you
to use 2.02, it's only available as part of a huge download?

And to add to the confusion, TID 10092584 contradicts TID 10092964 showing
how to set it up, both dated 14 Jun 2004.

And my problem is different than either of those. Following TID 10092584,
it installs, but is not silent and runs over and over and over again. Not
to mention that the readme says that with WinXP, a reboot is not necessary
though it keeps prompting for a reboot at the end of the install.