This is my current scenario:

1 tree
2 server
2 different context on for each server

I installed webacces , Iprint on one of them, I installed the ndps manager
and broker on one of them. So far I have no printers yet because the 2
server are still not online.
I can access the iprint portion and web acess with no problems.

My question is the following.
If I want the same options ( Iprint/webaccess ) on my other server do I
need to install the web access portion on the other one to? Do I need to
create a new Ndps manager and broker on the other server for Iprint to work
? Or can I uset the manager and broker from my other server??? And If I do
so I will have to grant right from the other context to new manager on the
other one right?

To make it easy will it work if I just intall the same options on my other