The printers are HP LaserJet 2300's that I am trying to configure. The
drivers for this printer were not already a part of the Resource Management
Service in the Broker. In order to add the drivers, I installed the iPrint
client on my system and then used Novell iManager to Manage the Broker and
add the latest downloaded drivers for the 2300 to the Broker. I unloaded the
Broker and Manager and re-loaded.

I then created the printer agents and specified the drivers to use of
Windows XP, 2000 and 98. I was able to add the printers to my workstation
and print with no problem.

When I go to a client station and try to add the printer I get an error
message that the server does not contain the proper driver for the printer I
am attempting to add. I then get the standard Windows dialog box to select a
printer included with Windows XP. The 2300 is not listed there either. I do
have a choice with the button for 'Have Disk' but I don't want to have to
take a disk with me to setup people's printer.

Things I have tried:
1. Used the Add printer wizard to select the printers.
2. Opened Internet Explorer, chose File, Print, Find Printers.
3. Used (was forced to install iPrint client)

After doing so I am able to install the printers, but should I be able to do
this without installing the iPrint client??

It was my understanding that you didn't have to install iPrint client. In
looking at the Printer agent in iManager I did notice that I checked "Enable
iPrint support".

Any other suggestions?