I have a solaris 2.5.1 server running an application that normally
prints to local network printers via print queues. I have a request from
a branch office to provide the ability to print to their printer from
this server. I thought NDPS would be the answer so I've got NDPS
installed on both sides and have succeeded in getting the unix app to
print via NDPS on our own subnet, but not to the branch office printer
which is on a different subnet. We are separated by VPN connection with
firewalls at each end. I can ping the remote printer and its NW5 server
running the broker/mgr by IP and hostname from the unix box and have
created the remote printer on my unix box, but lpstat always returns a
"not responding" status for this printer. Oh - I should also say that I
was successful printing via NDPS to the remote printer from a PC so I
think the NW side of things is working. I must be missing something on
the unix side, I think.

I'm hoping someone can point out to me what I am missing - e.g., do I
need to have specific ports open at each end of tunnel to get LPR or
NDPS traffic across? do I need to configure something else on the unix
box so that it can communicate correctly across the VPN?

Thanks for any help offered.