Windows 2000 supports ipp right out of the box. When we
set up a new printer and use the cluster_pool ip address
to point to the printer the installation wizard fails.
When we point to the server's primary ip address the
wizard works fine.
So NetWare secondary ip adresses CANNOT be used for setting up
the printer in the client.

Yes.Yes.Yes. We use the /Ipaddress /dnsname switch in the cluster
script to start ndpsm and broker. Binding to the secondary address

If i use the primary ip address as a secondary address
laterwards, printing works fine. Only setup has the problem.

Where is the bug? Is it NetWare that responds with its
primary ip address when i start ip communication with
its secondary address?

How can i setup windows ipp clients in a NetWare cluster
environment without using all those iprint, netware, ndps-

Kind regards,
Ralf Steiner

NetWare 6.0, SP3