Started with ZEN 401/u3 (on server and clients) running on a NW5.1 sp6
server and running iPrint from a NW6.0sp3 server.

Imported XP workstations were getting iPrint printers distributed no
problem. In the process of upgrading servers and clients, somehow
clients are no longer getting iPrint printers distributed thru ZFD
workstation policies. Workstations are imported, WS policies are
associated directly with workstations, I have set AllowUserPrinters =

Don't know if anything should show up in workstation manager, but
there is nothing there for iPrint.

Current setup:
ZFD 401 IR4a on NW6.5sp2, same server running iPrint. Client32 is now
at 4.9sp2, iPrint client version 3.09.