has anyone been able to install an HP Laserjet 1500 with iPrint?

I have tried in 2 different environments, with different versions of
iPrint, but I couldn't install it.
Different workstations too (XP, 2000 and iprint clients v.1 and v.2)

Other printers work fine, but not the 1500.

I have also tried the original drivers that come with the printer and also
the ones from the web.

I can upload the drivers to the broker, but then when a user goes to the
iPrint web site and select the printer, it starts to download the drivers,
but it stops with an error when reading the INF file of the driver
(according to the 5 points that the iPrint client shows, this is the
second point).

The error says:

System couldn't find the specified file
errors group: Windows
Error code: 2

I can't believe that there is a problem in the driver, because installing
it manually (no iPrint), then it works fine.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance