I am running Netware 6.5 (Small Business). I have a new client that I just
installed on XP with Client 4.9 sp1a. I am able to install other printers
through ipp, however, this one printer gives the following message:

Error message: The data area passed to a system call is too small.
Error group: Windows
Error code: 122

I imagine it must be something on the client because I am able to install
this printer on other computers.

I do have a secondary problem with this computer. It is an HP CP1700 on one
of three ports on a jet direct box. All three ports are in use and I was
able to get everything going. However, the CP1700 started 'jumping' to
other printers. I have roughly 10 printers and this printer would just show
up when a user went to print to a different printer. Such as, when you
clicked on print, selected your printer (or used the default) the screen
that showed up showed this cp1700 rather than the one the user selected.
Now, this printer would 'jump' to other jetdirect boxes, not just the
printers on the same box. No other printer did the same thing. And, if
this printer was not installed, the user had no problem. Even if another
printer from the same jetdirect box was installed. Now, to allow a user to
install a printer on XP, I edited the iprint.ini file on the server to
'AllowUsersPrinters'. And, users have been doing this without a problem -
however, the only workaround I could find for this 'jumping' cp1700 was to
you need to run the installation with administrator rights. And that seemed
to do the trick. Of course, now the new problem (above) I am doing this
while logged in with administrative rights.

So, if anyone can help with the error code 122, I would be very
appreciative. Also, I am curious if any has run across the 'jumping' with

Thank You,