I've had more than my fair share of iPrint problems - even went so far as
looking into an equivalent solution from Microsoft, just in case it came to

Anyway, I'm already getting off track.

I have about 50 iPrint servers scattered around at most of my sites. Some
sites do not have their own server, so we have one server at our datacenter
(DC) that acts as a catch-all - those sites have their printers installed on
the server at the DC. A couple of months ago I started to get reports from
my users that their print jobs would sometimes take 30 seconds, 60 seconds,
5 minutes... to print. If I run the NDPS Debugger -
http://www.novell.com/products/netwa...ug_display.pdf - I can
immediately tell there is something wrong. Most NDPS actions take less than
1 ms, print jobs take 20 ms. When slowness is happening, lookups take 5
seconds and print jobs take ... a long time. At first the only thing I
could think of was to reboot the server (I have another problem where I am
usually unable to shutdown the NDPS Manager without crashing the server -
gotta go into debug mode, but that's a discussion in itself). I sent a few
core dumps into Novell, no luck. The only thing we could think of is moving
the NDPS database off of SYS and onto a SPOOL volume. That helped out a
little, but, not really.

Another problem I was having (and I thought un-related) was a particular
printer agent was always giving me major fits. I didn't put two and two
together until a couple days ago I deleted the printer agent on my DC server
and created it on another server. Now the past few days my second server
has been giving me the slowdown I mentioned above....... I'm hesitant to
say that a PHYSICAL printer can mess up iPrint/NDPS (cause that'd be scary
if it could)... Anyone seen this before?

The way I fixed the slowness problem this morning was to simply shutdown
that one printer. when I restored it, everything was fine with the server
and the printer. If I get another report of slowness I will attempt the
same fix and try to report back to this forum.

Matt Walkowiak