How do I update an iPrint printer driver on a WinXP desktop?

For example:
- PrinterA is a HP5000 and was installed on a WinXP workstation via an iPrint workstation policy.
- In NDS, the printer was configured as a Secure printer (so that it has its own icon).
- later PrinterA died and was replaced with a new printer, an HP4200.
- due to stupid political reasons, they want the new printer to have the same name and IP address as PrinterA.
- Going into NDS, I changed the printer driver in the secure NDPS printer icon to the new driver.
- For new workstation installations, the new driver will come down without a problem.
- However, how do I update those workstations that already have the old driver associated with the printer?

thanks inadvance for your help/suggestions/advice.


Frank E. Friedman
Ohio Industrial Commission