I simply cannot get authentication working on my in-place box running
NW65SP2. I haven't liked the SSL authentication piece since it requires
users to login, but i did test it and it worked before the box was upgraded
from NW6SP3 to NW65SP1a. I just recently downloaded & installed SP2. The
server does not hold any replicas in the tree, other than iPrint it runs
DNS/DHCP services.

Apparently the authentication piece has to work in order to use the new
Printer Driver Profile feature in SP2. My
AuthLDAPURL is correct, DNS name is right, context is set correctly, user
has a UNIQUEID in C1. I also have the 'include iprint/ipp.conf' line in my
httpd.conf file for apache

I setup a test box with the NetWare 6.5 SP2 Overlay disc and authentication
works perfectly. I'm all out of ideas and am contemplating booting off the
Overlay disc and choosing 'Upgrade' on the in-place server, but not sure if
that would fix the problem. I may also try to move the NDPS printer info
off the server's volume, do a 'clean' install of NW6SP2 and then move the
NDPS printer info back...

Any ideas?

Josh Messerschmitt
Network Technician
Omaha Public Schools
CNA, A+, Network+, i-Net+