I've just had a server fall over due to the SYS volume filling up. Upon
investigation, I found the NDPS/XFER directory had been filled full of
**** & porn by some of our students. Upon further investigation I find
this directory has full [public] rights. I note TID # 10074343 which
states this is normal and the iPrint install does this on purpose!!!!

Looking at all my other netware servers in the tree, I find similar ****
being dumped into that directory by smart students.

I'm nothing short of very annoyed to say the least. On one hand Netware
is the best environment for managing secure access to network resources,
then on the other hand, the developers go and do something stupid like
give [public] access to a folder that I'm unaware of! After this
posting, I'll be firing off some very nasty emails to our Novell rep.

I've removed [public] access and given just our Helpdesk group access to
this folder on all our servers. Is this sufficient and will I run into
any issues ? And, will Netware put the [public] rights back all by
itself (like it does with the Network Trash Folder) ?