How do you replace the printer drivers or remove the Iprint printer
delivered with a windows XP iprint policy.

Iprint Client 2.10


The iprint printers where delivered to the workstations using the iprint
poicy that was delivered to ecah of them. We now want to change the pritner
(physical hadware) and replace it with a different Printer, hence new
driver. As part of the transition we need to KEEP the name the same (that is
the name of the PA, We have a number of other systems using this name via

Under ndps we would set up the hardware and use the NDPS configuration
utilities (from the ndps manger console) to modify the IP address of the
Printer agent to the new Address. after this was complete we would change
the driver on the printer agent and the ZEN 2 policy would change the

hmm... guess what?

It no longer works.

OK guys what is the answer?????

Thanks in advance

Fred Nolan

CNE 2/3/4/5/6