Hi All,

I dont know if it is possible but,

I would like to set up iPrint so that when a user needs to print they
install the printer via Virtual Office's 'iPrint' icon, however if they
where to want to print to another printer then they would select the second
printer required from the list available to them. (I would like to set it up
so that when they install a second printer the first printer is removed.
Hopefully there should only be ONE printer installed on the workstation at
any given time)
Is this possible?

Is it possible to use 'credits' of a users account balance located on the
'Restrictritions' tab in C1, for managing printing in terms of minimising
the number of copies that students print? How would this be implemented?
Someone said to me that i should use the 'iPrint' option in ZEN's User
Policy Package to manage user print credits rather than using the option
mentioned above, would this require NAAS being installed?

Can anyone help/suggestions?