I have inherited a NW60 sp2 netware server on which I have been instructed
to get iprint running. Ndps is already installed and setup.

The problem at this point seems to be Imanage. I am unable to access
imanage at https://x.x.x.x:2200/emframe/imange.html. All I GET IS" HTTP
ERROR 504 gATEWAY TIME OUT" from our Bordermanager box. I can get to
Netware remote manager just fine. I believe the imanager version is 1.2.2
but I am not sure.

What can I do to get Imanage up and running on this server? I am not
really sure where to start the trouble shooting process. The Broker and
the Manager are inplace and working. I need to be able to setup the iprint
web page so the users can install thier own printers.

Any help would be appreciated.