I hope that someone can solve this problem for us as it is really a very
strange problem and there is almost no documentation for iprint on linux.

At our school, this summer, we upgraded our mail server to linux and
migrated our groupwise server to the linux server. In addition, we moved
from NDPS based printing to iprint based printing due to the single
network limitation of NDPS. (We have three seperate network cards in the
server, all binding to different physical networks and all need to be able
to print to all the printers)

For ease of diagnosis, I will just give you an example of how it is
configured. The mail/print server has the following IP addresses:, and For example, two of the printers are and These are on the 1 and 2 networks respectively and
the mail/print server can ping them fine and access them via their
internal http servers.

Our iPrint Manager is bound to the IP; however, since apache can
bind to all IPs on a server, we can still access the iprint printers via or

The problem with this set up is that almost twice per day, our iprint
stops working. We can still go to the (or equivalent)
and it will bring up the iprint page (i.e. apache is still loaded), but
there are no printers listed and any iprint printers already installed on
client computers show as "Opening" as opposed to "Ready". We can solve the
problem by stopping apache, restarting the iprint manager and then
restarting apache; however, with the frequency of this issue, we must
solve this problem.

Please note that we use accounting as well as secure printing and that our
printers are installed via the 3.0.5 client using the command line option
as part of our login script. Also, please note that
gives the same result of no printers showing.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.