I am using iManager and trying to import drivers into the Broker. The
server / Broker are across the WAN frame link. I map a drive to where the
printer drivers are on the remote server. I login to the remote iManager
and choose iPrint and manage Broker. I go to the RMS and browse and click
on the printer driver on the remotely mapped letter. I choose the correct
driver but it then gives an error. I've tried several drivers that import
fine locally via NWAdmin. We're trying to get away from NWAdmin and use the
web-based stuff. I just posted another similar message - but that one is
when the local person attempts to import drivers to the RMS and can't save
it. Two different problems.

iPrint ZLIB - 536870654 - Unknown Error

Ideas? I can't seem to get the iManager/iPrint/RMS Broker imports to work.

Thanks - April